Carbon Steel Corrugated Metal Pipes

  • Economical, durable, rugged, easily installed and maintained and is readily available to meet yourCorrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) drainage needs.
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) with the highest service life, strength and hydraulic properties.

We provide corrugated steel pipe for use in culverts, subdrains, sewers, service tunnels, recovery tunnels, etc

Benefits of Corrugated Metal Pipe CMP include:

  • Long service life – capable of 100+ years
  • Superior Hydraulics – fabricated fittings provide superior hydraulics by minimizing energy losses at junctions
  • Durable coating options to fit your needs
  • Great strength – the strength and integrity of steel-soil structure interactions are almost unlimited
  • 100% traceability – with verifiable data reports from the producing steel mills
  • Allowable fill heights over 100 feet and minimum covers as low as 12 feet


Corrugated Steel Pipe Usage Guidelines

Protective Coatings & Pavings Standard Specifications Environmental Conditions Abrasion Provides Additional Soil Slide Protection
Normal Mildly Corrosive Corrosive Non- Abrasive Level 1 Low Abrasion Level 2 Moderate Abrasion Level 3 Severe Abrasion Level 4
Zinc Coated (Galvanized) AASHTO M36ASTM A929
Aluminum Coated Type 1 AASHTO M36ASTM A929
Aluminum Coated Type 2 AASHTO M274ASTM A929
Bituminous Coated AASHTO M190ASTM A849
Bituminous Coated & Paved AASHTO M190ASTM A849
Polymerized Bituminous Invert Coated* ASTM A849
Polymer Precoated AASHTO M245ASTM A742
Polymer Precoated and Paved AASHTO M245ASTM A742
Aramid Fiber Bonded ASTM A885
Bituminous Coated AASHTO M190ASTM A849
Aramid Fiber Bonded & Bituminous Paved ASTM A885
High Strength Concrete Lined ASTMA849ASTM A979
Concrete Paved Invert (75mm (3″) Cover) ASTM A849ASTM A979

* Use Bituminous Coated Guidelines for Fully Coated ProductThis Guide is not a substitute for professional engineering advice and is made without guarantee or representation as to results. Although every reasonable effort has been made to assure its accuracy, neither the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association nor any of its members or representatives warrants or assumes liability or responsibility for its use or suitability for any given application.

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