Nickel Alloy C-263, Hastelloy® C-263

Hastelloy C-263, is an age hardenable nickel-cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy. Also known as Nickel Alloy C-263 and Haynes® 263, Hastelloy® 2 C-263 has some very positive attributes that make it ideal for a wide range of applications.  These attributes include:

  • Very good aged strength properties
  • Excellent fabrication characteristics in the annealed condition
  • Good ductility, formability, and weldability
  • Intermediate temperature tensile ductility
  • Hot working temp range from 1750° to 2100° F (955°-1150° C)
  • Can easily be welding using methods including TIG, MIG, electron beam and resistance welding

In order to be considered Hastelloy C-263, an alloy must have a chemical composition of:

  • Ni 51%
  • Cr 20%
  • Co 20%
  • Ti 2.15%
  • Al .45%
  • C .060%

A number of different critical industries rely on Hastelloy C-263 and Nickel Alloy C-263 for their applications including:

  • Aircraft and Land-based turbine applications
  • Low-temperature combustors
  • Transition liners
  • Ring components
  • Welding of GTD222 investment castings

Continental Steel has been a distributor of Hastelloy C-263 and Nickel Alloy C-263 for many years, especially in wire form.  It is also important to note that Hastelloy C-263 meets or exceeds various specifications including:

  • UNS: N07263
  • W. Nr./EN: 2.4650
  • AMS: 5966(weld wire)
  • GE: B50A771, B50A783
  • RR: 9500/16

We stock and sell Nickel Alloy C-263 and Hastelloy® C-263 in Wire.

Chemical Composition of Nickel Alloy C-263 and Hastelloy® C-263


.45 max


.060 max


20.0 max


20.0 max


5.85 max


51.0 max


2.15 max

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